Saturday, October 6, 2012

Art Journal Page: Watch Out!

I was playing around with different styles in September while participating in the 29 faces challenge and this is face #23, a rather cross looking lady who's inspired me to make a quick journal page. I collaged her in, along with my lovely words. No poetry today, folks, just plain old telling it like it is (sometimes).

....Linking to paint party friday. Thanks everyone for looking. I really do feel like being nice most of the time and greatly appreciate your comments. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Art Journal Pages: Fall is Here

Lately I've been making an art journal out of a mail order catalog because I can't seem to resist any new idea that comes along and this one looked like fun. It's actually turned out to be quite an undertaking!

 At the same time, I've been reading Pam Carriker's book, Art at the Speed of Life. What I love about her book are the practical strategies for making art a part of  everyday life. One of the projects of the book is a 7-day journal project, which breaks the process of making a mixed media journal page down into steps. I am more of an all or nothing gal who hates to stop a project once it's started, but it's been nice to try a more methodical approach and learn some new techniques at the same time.

Slowing down and only doing one or two steps a day has helped me to relax a bit, rather than feeling I have to frantically get something done while I have a chance. One day I did background painting, then on another day I added some image transfer and collage elements, and on a third day I added texture, and so on. It feels good to have a specific plan for how to work. Taking a break in between steps also gives me time think a little more about what I'm doing and come up with new ideas. I've also been using this idea  with various other in-progress projects as a way to hopefully get some fresh inspiration, move past my mental blocks and finish them.

I didn't really start the journal with a theme, but the change of season and beautiful leaves starting to turn are taking center stage. The lovely words here are from Emily Dickinson. If you're interested, you can read more about this page along with the complete poem in my earlier post.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I always appreciate your comments.