Thursday, July 14, 2011

I remember crocus blooms

I grew up on a farm in northeast North Dakota. Our winters were long, and cold. Every year in early spring, we'd look forward to a call from my grandmother, who lived a mile north from us in to tell us that the crocuses were in bloom. We'd drop whatever we were doing, jump in the car, pick up my grandmother and go to look at the crocuses, blooming in the snow. Such a lovely memory that I was able to capture in this little collage. The crocus image is a gesso transfer and I the song title and music is from an old music magazine I found in a second hand shop. My grandmother's 101th birthday is next week and I'm planning to send her this collage as a gift and a reminder of that special memory she gave me as a young girl. The photos show how I've worked on this collage in stages.

After I looked a the photo above, I felt the right side was too dark, so I worked some more on it as you see below:

I glaze with lighter colors, and found a map of North Dakota to add for an even more personal touch. And finally, the version below is (hopefully) the finished version:

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