Friday, February 24, 2012

Start More, Finish More!

I'm getting used to having many pieces in progress at a time. What I like about it is that I'm doing more art than I ever did before. If I get stuck on one piece, I can move to another, or start another one. The danger, of course, is having a lot of pieces started without ever finishing anything, and that is something I am very good at! Today I'm showing two pieces that I've worked on here and there and let them slowly evolve.

I loved this fern image from a catalog, so I collaged it into the background. Then I played around wth some paint effects, using sprayed soapy dishwater. Doesn't it create some great paint effects?

But after that, I was stuck until one day, I decided to add an image transfer of a flower, followed by more painting and this is what happened:

Is it finished? I'm not sure. I want to add more detail in the flower and there's an edge from the collage that I don't like so it will probably take some more work to be complete. We shall see!

Here is an encaustic piece I started before Christmas.

I was pretty happy with it, but didn't like the top part around the butterfly. The beauty of encaustic painting is that if you don't like something, you can just scrape it off, so that's exactly what I did in my encaustic class yesterday. I also added a some line elements by drawing on tissue paper then collaging that into the piece.

I might do some more work with it as well, but I'll take my time. I have plenty of other WIP's to keep me busy in the meantime!


  1. I love having many pieces in progress at a time for the very same reasons you wrote. :)
    Wonderful images.
    Especially like the richness of the painting with the butterfly.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  2. I, too, have lots of things going all at the same time (not just painting, but sewing and crocheting and writing... on and on).

    I think all of these look great, especially the encaustic. That technique really intrigues me, but I've never tried it.

    Happy PPF!

  3. These are stunning! You have found something that works so well for you. The ways the colors interact and blend. The soft images! Wow!!

  4. Debbie, they are both beautiful!! I think you have it right in working on multiple works at a time. It keeps one from getting burned out, and allows the process to unfold while keeping you engrossed. Happy PPF! :-)

  5. your 'wip's are lovely, they look nice as is!

  6. I like working on several canvases at a time too! So when i get stuck I can just move on to another one. I've never tried encaustics, and yours look interesting! I like how the butterfly piece is turning out! Patsy from

  7. Beautiful work, love the delicate colours! Valerie

  8. I love what you're doing with encaustic. :) Gorgeous layers!

  9. To my happens to me also, I have several works at the same time, that allows me to be changing registration every bit.
    Your works are very good I whip the Butterfly in shades of ochre. Saludos

  10. I have several things going all the time. Some I NEVER finish, but I try. I don't let it stress me out though. LOL Love your pieces here. Encaustic sounds so much fun, I will have to try it one day.

  11. I really love the pieces that you shared today. It is obvious that working on more than one piece at a time is successful for you. Your work is really lovely.

  12. Hurray for WIP's what would we do without us time to think and look.........and then go off in a different direction Loving yours. Happy PPF, x

  13. These WIPs are looking lovely so far. Wonder where they will take you next!?

  14. Love the layers and the addition of the pink flower!

  15. Love your mixed media art. Gorgeous colors. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment.

  16. I once mentioned to my friend that my family had said that instead of concentrating on so many art mediums to just focus on one and eventually I would perfect the medium....guess what, I couldn't for the life of me ; )It's the way I've always been .What my friend had said was exactly how I saw it; these mediums gave thought and inspiration for the next piece of art work, weather be it paint, mm, gd, sewing, stained glass, sculpture, photography, writing..... Many times a collaboration of some creates quite beautiful art.

    Your encaustic work is beautiful and the flower with the soapy effect.Patience and time and the collections of unfinished work I believe were responsible in giving you more materials and ideas to work with. Really like how that flower collage evovled .....
    Encaustic is another area I would like to try.

    1. Hi Annabelle, Thanks for visiting my blog! I think you're absolutely right. The important thing is to do something and then the creative juices begin flowing and more inspiration follows. I actually let the idea that I needed to focus on one medium prevent me from doing anything for a long time. It was a huge stumbling block for me. That's why I'm loving mixed media. Anything goes!

  17. Hi Debbie~
    These pieces are absolutely gorgeous! I love the top one the best... you are very talented!
    Thanks for the birthday wish on my blog... happy creating!

  18. Soapy dishwater! Gotta try that one.

    Love all your work, it's so calming and meditative.

  19. These are wonderful! I love the effects you created.

  20. Beautiful pieces! I too have many works in progress, and am working hard to finish them one by one. It's always a fun challenge.
    Happy PPF a bit late. Helen @ Natures Walk

  21. that´s all so soft ! I love this!

    xxx Susi

  22. Hi Debbie - love your encaustic pieces and the work that you've posted over on flickr at the Sketchbook Challenge.

  23. Debbie, this is such a beautiful piece! Encaustic is a wonderful medium to work with. I've had a bit of a play myself, it takes a bit of getting used to playing with hot wax, all that layering and setting, the fear of being burnt, the unprodictability, but you can get great results. The texture in your piece is wonderful.