Monday, August 6, 2012

Colors of the Coast: Collage Seascapes

Yesterday, I returned home after a glorious week of exploring the Oregon coast with my husband. Nature never fails to amaze and refresh the soul, and this week was certainly no exception. I was excited to do some art after my time away, so I got out my collage supplies as soon as the unpacking was (mostly) finished, ahem.
I tried to be more deliberate about background, middle ground, and foreground than I usually am in my collages, though I'm not sure I was entirely successful. I don't tend to be that methodical as I work, but in collage it can be helpful as a way to create interesting layers, depth and clearer focal points in the work.
I like the colors I used here. They are more muted than I often use and seem to be reflecting my time spent at the ocean. Sometimes memories and states of mind are not always expressed in words. I hope I can look at my collages and remember to breathe, relax and enjoy the moment.


  1. I love these colors, subtle soft and yet the white paint/gesso? at the bottom one could be the white foam of the waves flowing up to the beach shore. I too love the Oregon coast. So beautiful and rugged.

  2. Such a lovely, calming piece of art. I am too often a restless soul - the ocean always makes me feel peaceful. You definitely captured colors of the ocean in this collage.

  3. Thank you Lynn and Gina for visiting! I appreciate your comments.