Wednesday, September 19, 2012

29 Faces: 17 -- 19 Pencil Sketches

Here are three pencil sketches, using magazine photos as references. They're not technically one-line portraits, nor are they pure contour drawings either.  But I didn't lift the pencil while sketching.

Noses are hard, and I see I didn't get the eyes right on the last one at all! Still, overall, I'm happy with this set. It's good to be practicing more frequently.

And just like that, I'm caught up...for now.


  1. Good job - people don't have perfect faces anyway - and you are so right - it's just a question of practicing till your hands know the way!

  2. I love the slight smile the first and third portraits have. The angle of the head in the second portrait is lovely!!

  3. These look great! I like the scribbles on the cheeks. And in my opinion, if you didn't lift your pencil the whole time: it's a one-line drawing. At least, that's what I call mine, and I often go over one line more than once.

  4. I´m using magazines as well. :) My favourite is #2, awesome "mood" and head movement.