Friday, September 14, 2012

29 Faces: 3 -6

I'm playing catch up at the moment, so here are 4 in one. A while back, I picked up a copy of Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab for Mixed Media. It's really a book about how to have fun with drawing, whether you are doing mixed media or not, and I would definitely recommend it for all ages and abilities. One of her projects is to draw 100 faces over a period of time. I started this earlier in the year, but let it slide until now. If I can get 29 in this month, I'll have made some excellent progress!

Here are four I did using her eyedropper drawing technique in which you draw using the dropper that comes with a bottle of drawing ink. I used magazine photos for reference, rather than just doodling as I often do. After the ink dried, I went back in with more sketching, watercolor, and collage. I was hoping for a "funkier" outcome than this, so perhaps I will have to try again, working into wet paper to see what I get.


  1. your methods sound like fun
    the results are wonderful
    each piece is a joy to consider and see

  2. What a wild and fun method!!! I'll have to look for that book :0)

  3. Love the loose style, interesting results with a new technique!

  4. That's the second time in this challenge that I see someone use this technique. I can't believe I've had Carla's book for more than a year and never even tried it out! (I even forgot what was in there ...) Such nice results! I adore the face with the butterfly. So beautiful!