Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Face #14: Abstract Portrait

 Realistic faces are not easy to do well, nor are abstract faces for that matter! I really want to be able to do abstract faces. I'm not sure why. It's just what I want to do. So here is an attempt at an abstract face. I used a thick sharpie to outline shapes and then began painting, first with watercolor, then before I knew it, the acrylics were out again. I was keeping in mind the concept of suggesting dialog by having two figures in the painting as I learned in Diane Culhane's excellent between speech and silence class, hence the bird. I added a bit of collage again at the end, because I love collage, especially bits of text like this. I love languages, reading, poetry, and words, so I enjoy having bits of text in my pieces that give some interesting visual texture and hopefully create a bit of mystery as well.


  1. She's gorgeous! You have such a lovely sense of colour and the text fits so well. I think you've succeeded in creating a beautiful abstract artwork.

  2. She looks very content, and can you. This is a very nice portrait!

  3. love this! love the color and the playfulness of your composition... especially love the bird reading her face ;)