Friday, September 27, 2013

Face #19: Pretty in Pastel?

I'll be honest -- this is not my favorite face that I've done this month, but here she is, #19. I used pastels, which I don't normally use to try something different. I was trying to do an abstract face and ended up with this sort of stylized face instead. I wouldn't mind it being a stylized face if that is what I was trying to do. Even so, I'm glad I experimented with something new. There is always value in the process, no matter how the product ends up. I actually cut her face out because I didn't like the right side at all. Then I put her on one of my new place mats to take her picture because it seemed to go nicely with the rest of the composition.


  1. She is fantastic,..I feel she carries a wonderful spirit and essence about her..the blue bird is magical at her side..and the magenta flower is stunning..her eyes are very poetic and soulful!

  2. Hi Debbie. I like her and the way she is looking at us. She seems to be listening to us intently. Nice job.

  3. It's challenging to try new things. There are definitely some sketches I've liked more than others from this adventure. I really do like her though, she's quite charming and pretty.

  4. Personally, I love that you chose a medium with which you aren't entirely comfortable. And the bird/feather-chevron motif is alluring, as well.