Wednesday, July 13, 2011


My husband recently suggested that I branch out beyond birds as subject matter. I do like birds, but I was drawn to this wistful, dreamlike image of a woman. I used gesso transfer for the images of branches and the woman, followed by paint and pencil to enhance it further. The lovely pink resulted from the image transfer process -- a happy accident that gave me a pleasing palette to work with in this piece. At one point, I had a much larger lily in the collage, but decided to remove it in favor of these smaller, more delicate ones.

Part of the text in the background is from Virginia Woolf:

"Certainly she was losing consciousness of outer things...and her name and her personality and her appearance, ... her mind kept throwing up from its depths, scenes, and names and sayings, and memories and ideas, like a fountain spurting over that glaring, hideously difficult white space..."

And the caption is from a dream interpretation website. I love the idea of dreaming that you are experiencing delight.

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