Monday, March 12, 2012

When is a Painting Finished?

How do you tell when a painting is finished? Sometimes it's easy to tell, and well, other times, not so much. This is an encaustic painting I've been working in a class I'm taking. I did most of it very quickly, without thinking much about what the final result would be. During the next class, I was working on it again, adding little bits here and there. Suddenly I heard my instructor's voice behind me saying, "You're done with that piece!" So am I? I'm not completely sure. It's not one of my favorites, but then again there are some things I like about it. Would adding more or fussing more with it improve it, or only mess it up? So here it is, for now, at least, a finished piece.


  1. looks great to me! I guess your instructor was worried it would get too muddied or fussy.

  2. hmm, I wouldn't listen. You're done when you feel you're done!

  3. I think it's finished, Debbie. It has beautiful balance in its design and the colors are lovely and are also balanced. It think the instructor was afraid that adding more you'd destroy that fine line that makes it balanced.