Friday, May 31, 2013

Spicing up a Drawing with Collage

I've been participating in the Sketchbook Challenge off and on over the past year as a way to stay motivated with my drawing and develop a more regular sketchbook habit. The May 2013 theme was bowl. I don't normally draw bowls, so it was fun to do something different. Here is one sketch I did over a previously painted background.

Yet, the more I looked at this bowl, the more I thought it needed just a little something to give it some pizazz So, I sat down and added a few bits of collage. 

Bowl with Collage
mixed media
4" x 6' on paper

Now, that's more like it! I often begin with collage, and then draw, but it's quite fun to do the reverse and see what happens.


  1. The collage makes it! The opaque really pops against your transparent layers. It adds interest and depth to the piece.

  2. It's like magic. Good transformation there with your reverse-collage experiment. What led to the decisions you made of added elements? Was it intuitive or more technical?

    1. Thanks for your comments! It was purely intuitive. I didn't think painting or drawing would add much more to it and it felt boring as it was!

  3. The collage really adds to this. Very good painting altogether.

  4. what a good idea its very japanese looking happy ppf

  5. It's lovely! You are right: the collaged bits really give it something extra! <3